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Yohimbine Hcl 99% Purity USA CAS.65-19-0 Fresh Stock Raw Powder

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Yohimbine Hcl 99% Purity USA  CAS.65-19-0 Fresh Stock Raw Powder
Product name Yohimbine hcl
CAS no. 65-19-0
Molecular Formula C21H27ClN2O3
Molecular Weight 390.9
Brand Name Baooute

Yohimbe is an evergreen plant in Africa. Yohimbine is extracted from the bark, which is available as a prescription drug in the United States and used in the medical profession for years as a treatment for male impotence. 

Yohimbine Hcl Function:

1.Erectile dysfunction

Yohimbine hydrochloride is a prescription drug that has been shown in multiple human trials to effectively treat male impotence. Yohimbine may also be a useful treatment option in orgasmic dysfunction.

2.Weight Loss

Yohimbine HCL has been found to increase lipolysis by increasing the release of norepinephrine available to fat cells and blocking alpha-2 receptor activation.

3.Inhibition of platelet aggregation

Pre-clinical studies report that yohimbine alkaloid may inhibit platelet aggregation.

4.Depression remedy

Yohimbine HCL has been promoted as a herbal remedy for depression,because it blocks an enzyme called monoamine oxidase.However,this is only found in higher doses (over 50 mg/day),which is potentially unsafe.

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