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Mogroside V 80% 25% Natural Momordica Grosvenori Extract for Natural Sweeteners

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Mogroside V 80% / 25% Natural Momordica Grosvenori Extract for Natural Sweeteners

Mogroside V 80% 25% Natural Momordica Grosvenori Extract for Natural Sweeteners    7%-95% Mogrosides; 20%-65% Mogroside V; Concentrate Juice; Concentrate Juice Powder 

Quick Detail:
Specifications Sweetness(Times)
Compared with Sucrose
Mogroside V 20% 130
Mogroside V 25% 160
Mogroside V 30% 180
Mogroside V 40% 220
Mogroside V 50% 280
Mogroside V 55% 300
Mogroside V 60% 330
Mogroside V 65% 350

1. Description

Mogroside V is prepared from Luo han guo(also called "monk fruit"), which is a vine-growing fruit that grows exclusively in remote area of Southwest China, predominantly in Guangxi province. Luo han guo has long been used as a medicinal herb for treating cough and sore throat and is commonly considered by local people to be a longevity aid. 

After years of scientific research and development, Mogroside v has been developed into a natural non-caloric sweetener. The sweet taste of luo han guo comes primarily from mogrosides contained in monk fruit.  It is estimated to be over 300 times sweeter than sugar when used in pure form. 

2. Specifications

Part Used Fruit
Botanical Source Siraitia grosvenorii Swigle
Extract Solvents Ethanol / Water
Items Specification
Color Light Yellow or Yellow
Odor Charasteristic
Appearance Fine Powder
Assay V 20%-V60%
Sieve Analysis 95% through 80 mesh
Loss on Drying ≤10%
Sulphated Ashes ≤0.2%
Solvents Residual ≤5.0%
Heavy Metal ≤10PPM
Total Plate Count <1000/gMax
Non-GMO Conform
Not Irradiated Conform
Non-BSE Conform
Kosher   Certificate Conform
Halal Certificate Conform

3. Functions and Features

● 100% Natural high potential Sweetener, with about 300 times sweetness as that of sucrose;

● Zero-Calories, Low GI;

● Fruit Source

● No Compromising Taste

● pH stable at low and neutral conditions

● Stable in high heat

4. Applications

● As natural sweetener substituting sucrose, widely used in various foods, beverages, dairy products, or as table sugar;

● Healthy sweet aftertaste, be used as a flavor with modifying properties;

● Suitable for various kinds of solid beverages, candy, health products, flavors and fragrances.

5. Packing Delivery


Bulk package(10kg-25kg): Paper drum with double inner food-grade pe bag.

Small package(1kg-5kg): Aluminum foil bag with inner food-grade pe bag(or as required).

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