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Enocyanin Elderberry Extract Sambucus Natural 25% Anthocyanins Purple Red Powder

Baooute Supplys Elderberry Extract CAS 9072-19-9 Natural 25% Anthocyanins Purple Red Powder, Sambucus nigra extract is derived from the small black fruit of the elder tree (Sambucus). The berries are highly toxic in their raw form and must be cooked befor
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Elderberry Extract Sambucus CAS 9072-19-9 Natural 25% Anthocyanins Purple Red Powder

1.  Elderberry Extract has long been used as a natural remedy for a variety of medical issues.
2.  Elderberry Extract is known to boost immune function and help fight off viruses, which makes it an ideal treatment for illnesses such as colds and flu. Respiratory and sinus infections may be treated with elderberry, as it is an expectorant and helps reduce mucous.
3. Elderberry Extract can help lower cholesterol and improve heart health
4.  Elderberry Extract is anti-inflammatory properties can help reduce the pain and swelling of arthritis and other diseases.
5 . Elderberry Extract is also thought to have positive effects on a wide range of various other issues.

Application :

1.  Elderberry Extract can be applied in water-soluble beverages;
2.Applied in pharmaceutical as capsules or pills;
3.Applied in functional food as capsules or pills;
4.Applied in health products as capsules or pills.


Product Name

 Anthocyanin powder


Anthocyanosides 1% - 30%


Deep purple powder

Active Ingredients


Part of used


Molecular Formula




Description of anthocyanin powder:


1.Without any adultery of other relative species of Berries, 100% pure from blueberry. 

2.Perfect water solubility, water insoluble<1.0% .

3.Good solubility in water, which could be widely, used in beverage, wine, cosmetics, cake, and cheese etc. 

4.Low ash, purity, low heavy metal, low solvent residue and no pesticide residue.

Antioxidant Ingredients
Product Name Main Specification
Acerola Cherry Extract VC 17%
Astaxanthin 2%~10%
Black Garlic Extract 10:1
Broccoli Extract Sulforaphane 1%-99%
Coenzyme Q10 Coenzyme Q10 98%
Ginkgo Biloba Extract Ginkgo Flavone 24%&Lactones 6%
Lycopene  1%~10%
Olive Leaf Extract Oleuropein 10%-40%
Phloretin 98%
Resveratrol 98%
Rhodiola root Extract Salidroside 1%,3%,10%
β-carotene β-carotene 1%, 10%, 20%
Black Currant Extract Anthocyandins 5%-25%
Black Rice Extract  Anthocyandins 5%-25%
Black Wolfberry Extract Anthocyanin 5%~25%
Blueberry Extract  Anthocyanidin 5%~25%
Cranberry Extract Anthocyanidin 5%~25%
Elderberry Extract Anthocyanidin 5%~25%
Purple Corn Extract Anthocyanidin 5%~25%
Grape Seed Extract Proanthocyanidins 95%
Pine Bark Extract OPC 95%
Apple Extract Apple Polyphenols 50%~80%
Cinnamon Extract Polyphenol 10%~30%


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