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99.8% Guaiacol CAS 90-05-1 GSO Colorless To Light Yellow Clear Liquid Guaiacol

Baooute is a very professional supplier of 99.3% Guaiacol CAS :90-05-1 GSO 2-Methoxy-Phenol  Reagent Grade , people usually buy Guaiacol  Benzyl alcohol (BB) with competitive price from Baooute
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99.3% Guaiacol CAS :90-05-1 GSO 2-Methoxy-Phenol Reagent Grade

Guaiacol is used for cough with phlegm in chronic tracheitis, and is often used together with other antiasthmatic drugs. Guaiacol is a natural organic substance with a special fragrance.Guaiacol is widely used in daily life. It can be used as an edible spice in cigarettes, in the production of vanilla, and in the preparation of coffee.Clinically, it can be made into compound preparations, tablets and syrups, such as compound guaiacol sulfonate oral liquid and medical guaiacol glycerol ether

Product Name  Guaiacol Molecular Structure 2-Methoxy-Phenol (Guaiacol)
Other Name 2-Methoxy-phenol
CAS No 90-05-1;32-99-4
Molecular Formula C7H8O2
Check-Point Specification
Appearance colorless to light yellow clear liquid
Purity ≥99.5%
Freezing Point: 27.0~29.0ºC
Heavy Metal(Pb): ≤10 mg/kg 
Arsenic content: ≤3 mg/kg

As a pheromone

Guaiacol is produced in the gut of desert locusts, Schistocerca gregaria, by the breakdown of plant material. This process is undertaken by the gut bacterium Pantoea agglomeransa (Enterobacter). It is one of the main components of the pheromones that cause locust swarming.


Methoxyphenols are potential biomarkers of biomass smoke exposure, such as from inhalation of woodsmoke. Dietary sources of methoxyphenols overwhelm the contribution from inhalational exposures to woodsmoke.

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