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98% Sucralose CAS 56038-13-2 Food Grade Sweetener White Cryatal Powder

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98% Sucralose CAS 56038-13-2 Food Grade Sweetener White Cryatal Powder

Sucralose is an artificial sweetener and sugar substitute. It is known under the E number E955.The sucralose was produced by chlorination of sucrose.

1. Sucralose as sweetness is 600-650 times than sugar;
2. Sucralose with good solubility and stability, is pure taste,has no odor;
3. Sucralose without any safety toxicological aspects of doubt,energy dissipations is 0, won't cause fat;
4. Sucralose's available for diabetes cerebrovascular disease patients and old people to use.Sucralose will not cause caries and the teeth healthy.


• Breakfast bars

• Canned fruit, jams

• Chilled and frozen desserts

• Pharmaceutical excipients

• Gelatin desserts, puddings

• Ready-to-eat/frozen baked goods

• Sauces, toppings

• Soft drinks, flavoured milk, nutritional beverages

• Yogurt, ice cream


Food Grade Sweetener Sucralose USP/FCC


Container: Pouch

Storage temperature: < 25 °C 

Storage conditions to achieve maximum shelf life: Controlled room temperature 25°C or below, stay away from high temperature and direct sunlight.


Application of Sucralose

Globally, an increasing number of people are resorting to the use of artificial sweeteners and the target is either diabetics or pre diabetics or those trying to lose weight.

An increasing number of young urban populations are seeing thisas an option to remain fit and healthy.


Artificial sweeteners
Times sweeter than Sugar
Sorbitol 0.5x
Erythritol 0.7x
Acesulfame-K 200x
Aspartame 200x
Stevia 300x
Sucralose 600x
Neotame 8000x


1. How many calories are in sucralose?

Sucralose is not metabolized by the body for energy, and therefore it contains zero calories.

2. Does sucralose cause weight gain?

No. Several studies have shown that low-calorie sweeteners can actually aid in weight loss and/or weight management.

3.Is sucralose safe?

Yes. Sucralose has an excellent safety profile. More than 100 safety studies, representing over 20 years of research, have shown sucralose to be safe.

4. Does sucralose cause tooth decay?

No. Sucralose does not cause cavities. The bacteria in plaque do not break down or "eat" sucralose, and therefore the acids that can lead to cavities do not form.

5. Can pregnant and breastfeeding women consume sucralose?

Yes. Anyone can consume sucralose, including pregnant and breastfeeding women. Research has shown that sucralose does not have harmful effects on pregnant women or their babies.

6. Is sucralose safe for children?

Yes. There is no evidence that sucralose is at all harmful to children.

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