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Wholesale price  Nmn powder cas 1094-61-7

Wholesale price  Nmn powder cas 1094-61-7
Buy NMN Powder From Baooute 


Product Name Beta-Nicotinamide mononucleotide; NMN powder ; NMN; Nicotinamide mononucleotide; NMN Nicotinamide mononucleotide ;NMN supplement
CAS 1094-61-7
Purity Min 98.5%
Appearance white freeze-dried powder

Supplment NMN Function1. used in anti-aging, fall blood sugar and other health care products.
2. can promote biological oxidation processes and tissue metabolism, maintain normal tissue (especially the skin, digestive tract and nervous system) integrity has an important role.
3. Nicotinamide has prevention and treatment of heart block, sinus node function and anti-fast experimental arrhythmias, nicotinamide can significantly improve the heart rate and atrioventricular block caused.
4. Could ANTI aging, and with good effect in age depended disease such as diabetes, neurodegenerative ,disorder, cardiac disease, cancer.etc.

CAS No 1094-61-7 Quantity 7.5kg
Storage Sealed to keep away from moisture
Items of analysis Specification Results
Appearance White powder Conforms
Identification HPLC Conforms

Appearance of solution

(5% w/v in water)

Colorless to pale yellow and clear Conforms
Heavy Metals ≤10ppm <10
As ≤1ppm <1
Pb ≤1ppm <1
Cd ≤1ppm <1
Hg ≤0.1ppm <0.1
Assay 98.5%-100.0% 99.1%
Water ≤6.0% 0.4
Total Aerboic ≤1000cfu/g <1000
Yeast and mold ≤100cfu/g <100
E.Coli Negative Absent
Salmonella Negative Absent
Staphylococcus Aureus Negative Absent
Conclusion Conform with enterprise standard

Buy NMN Powder From Baooute 

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QC Profile

Standard laboratory, we have the most advanced liquid chromatograph, meteorological chromatograph, equipped with professional is the experimental staff.

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