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What is the difference between di glycosides and mono glycosides of Epimedium extract?

What is the difference between di glycosides and mono glycosides of Epimedium extract?

Epimedium P.E ( Icariin) ,What's the difference between di glycosides and mono glycosides ? Epimedium extract supplier Baooute found out the answer.

When testing, the flow direction is different. di glycosides use methanol as the mobile phase. mono glycosides use acetonitrile as the mobile phase. All of them are tested as the reference substance (Epimedium mono glycosides).

IDENTIFICATION METHOD : Identification: Take 0.5g of the powder of this product, add 10ml of ethanol, soak for 30 minutes, filter, evaporate the filtrate, and add 1ml of ethanol to dissolve the residue, and use it as the test solution. According to the thin layer chromatography (Appendix VI B) test, draw 10μl each of the test solution and the reference solution under [Assay] Icariin, and place them on the same one with sodium carboxymethyl cellulose as a binder. Use ethyl acetate-butanone-formic acid-water (10:1:1:1) as a developing agent on a silica gel H thin-layer plate, unfold, take out, dry, and inspect under an ultraviolet light (365nm). In the chromatogram of the test substance, the same dark red spots appeared on the corresponding positions of the chromatogram of the reference substance; sprayed with aluminum trichloride test solution, and then inspected under an ultraviolet lamp (365nm), the same orange-red fluorescent spots appeared .

[Product name] Epimedium extract
【English name】EpimediumP.E.
[Latin name] Herba Epimedii
[Source] This product is the dry above-ground part of Epimedium berberis, Epimedium sagittatum, Epimedium pubescens, Epimedium Wushan or Epimedium Korean. In summer and autumn, when the stems and leaves are luxuriant, they are cut to remove thick stems and impurities, and dried in the sun or in the shade.
[Specifications] Epimedium monoside: 10%, 20%, 30%, 10%, 50%.
【Quality Standard】
   Color: Brown
  Appearance: powder
   Mesh: 80 mesh
  Smell: Special smell
   Loss on drying: <5%
   Ash content: <5%
   Heavy metals: <10ppm
   Pesticide residue: <2ppm

Microbiological standards
  Total bacteria amount: <1000CFU/gm
   Escherichia coli: not detected
  Salmonella: not detected
   Mold and yeast: <100CFU/gm

[Functions and Indications] Tonic kidney yang, strengthen muscles and bones, and dispel rheumatism. Used for impotence and nocturnal emission, soft muscles and bones, rheumatism arthralgia, numbness and spasm; menopausal hypertension.
[Save] Store in a cool, dry, dark, and high temperature place.
【Shelf Life】Two years
[Packing] Double-layer plastic bags are used inside and cardboard drums (25 kg/drum) are used outside.

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